The Fragrance Foundation’s Rochelle Bloom and Terry Molnar (c.) with Jenny & François Wine Selections’ Jenny Lefcourt, Chef Jonathan Lindenauer and Olivia Jan of Robertet

On June 21, The Fragrance Foundation’s Associate Board presented the Pop Your Cork…Naturally event at City Winery in New York City, featuring a four-course tasting menu that was paired with wine and fragrance. The meal, imagined by Chef Jonathan Lindenauer, former Chef de Partie and Sous Chef at Jean Georges and Chef de Cuisine at Bon Appétit, incorporated flavorful seasonal and local ingredients to create each dish. Organic wines that corresponded to each course were chosen by Jenny Lefcourt, Co-Founder of Jenny & François Wine Selections, who informed guests on the beneficial components of organic versus conventional wines before they were able to experience the first pairing. To round out the evening, Olivia Jan, Senior Perfumer of Robertet, completed every course with a natural fragrance accord she developed to accompany the flavors, along with a fifth and final scent collectively representing the meal. Ms. Jan stated that she selected notes that were inspired by her love of nature and reminiscent of her childhood memories of the outdoors in northeastern France.

The evening concluded with a raffle drawing to benefit The Fragrance Foundation’s Making Sense of Scents educational program. Headed by the Associate Board, this program introduces the world of fragrance to elementary school students.

Robertet’s Joe Lattarulo, Pierre Wulff and Jérôme Epinette

IFF’s Julianne Pruett and Yves Cassar

Tilar Mazzeo and Takasago’s Valerie Belmont with Coty’s Anna Palombo

Coty Prestige’s Lori Singer with Symrise’s John Lando

Martha Basanta of Givaudan and Nicole Trager of Coty Prestige

Mane’s Yadira Perez and Ralf Shwieger

Mr. Wulff and IFF’s Kristin Brunner with Victoria’s Secret Beauty’s Mark Knitowski and Dulce Almario

Avon’s Dana Steinfeld and Givaudan’s Melissa Montfort

Coty’s Sarah Goldin with Lisa Negrelli of IFF

Mane’s Meghan Abbate and HDM Design Lab’s Henry de Monclin

Firmenich’s Hilary Ernsberger, Caroline Ornst (2nd r.) and Romain Poquet (r.) with Clark Goolsby and Chris Lowery of Chase Design Group

Mane’s Marylou Rodriguez and Alexandra Cassar

Cosmopolitan’s Karen Deutsch with Sarah Ostrower and Alexandra Hardyment of The Estée Lauder Companies

Maesa Group’s Juliette Giraud and Kamila Golebiewska with Max Delaunay of Robertet (c.)

FIDM LA’s Lyn Tobman and Julianne Pfister with Marine Ravera of Arcade Marketing and Taylor Steffan

24 Seven’s Ricardo Alvar, Ed Bisno Communications’ Ed Bisno with Macy’s Alex Viteri and Gray Fuller

Molton Brown’s Kristine Naylor with Saks Fifth Avenue’s Katie Sann and Jennifer Montalvo

Coty’s Priya Upadhyay with Barneys New York’s Denise Capozzalo and Bettina O’Neill

M2M’s Maggie Shea with Jennifer Bencivenga

Colgate-Palmolive’s Henry Babol with Robertet’s Ray Hone and Mr. Lattarulo and Kevin Kuchinski of Church & Dwight

Robertet’s Donna Ramanauskas and Lauren Simpson with Tamar Kamen, Melanie Ross and Corey Huggins of Maesa Group